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Putting Five Pounds Into A Three-Pound Bag with ...

Don Smallidge

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My Favorite Chess Sites and Mac-friendly Software

Peter Konieczko's Chess Page - thoughtful exposition of the game, with tutorials, exercises and examples from some of Peter's games.

j2chess - A very interesting java implementation that has been around for a while.

Chess Viewer Deluxe - used to showcase some of my own games (see the link below)

Sigma Chess - terrific program

Vektor3 Chess - terrific program

Chessmaster - 11th edition not available for the Mac!

My Chess Games - in pgn format.

Chess Viewer Deluxe - click on the image to review some of my games!

Using Chess Viewer Deluxe to show some of my games

Some of my pgn format games are available and you can replay the games. I will soon be adding my more recent games and start annotating them (with help from my opponents).

Eight Queens Puzzle - (official Wikipedia explanation) and various attempts to solve it programmatically.

First JavaScript interactive puzzle - developed by me in 2002 before I had learned JavaScript, by cloning and modifying a Knight's Tour puzzle I found on the Internet written by someone at Midas of Concord (with help by John Price). I'm very grateful for the inspiration of their original program. My Eight Queens program is a bit dated now (it was written without CSS and without a DOCTYPE, etc.

JavaScript interactive puzzle - revised version under development now, taking advantage of some things I have learned in the trenches (and from Charles Wyke-Smith and Jeremy Keith). I have just started the upgrade, so bear with me until I get it finished. I have been in touch with John Price and will be enlisting his cooperation on this effort.

JavaScript interactive puzzle (another restructured version under development now; it will eventually be merged with the one above so that I only have one version under development).

PHP-XML interactive puzzle (for UMA course CIS433, worked only on Microsoft IE on a PC; got help from Mike Harley to get it working for other browsers); I plan to rewrite this in Java (someday) using JAXB and other technology learned in the Web Services class taught by Mike.

pgn4web - I tried out his online board generator feature - showing my latest shellacking. See my blog for more.

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