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Putting Five Pounds Into A Three-Pound Bag with ...

Don Smallidge

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Credits, References and Links

Click on cover graphics to link to the publisher's site for more information about a book.

Jason Cranford Teague - web site

DHTML and CSS Advanced cover and link

"DHTML and CSS Advanced" [Visual QuickPro Guide]

My site uses customized browser controls modeled on the Chapter 7 examples (okay, copied verbatim from p. 224). The markup for this page is supported by a CSS file and a JavaScript file.

Charles Wyke-Smith - web site

Stylin' with CSS

"Stylin' with CSS" - errata

This is the book that started it all for me. I will have much to say about this book; I harvest ideas from it on a regular basis. As a direct result of my positive experience with this book, I purchased his book about JavaScript and Ajax (and subsequently, his Codin' for the Web).

Note: Since I bought the book, there has been a second edition.

Scriptin' with JavaScript and Ajax

"Scriptin' with JavaScript and Ajax"

I am currently working my way through this book. I needed to make some modifications to my web site and to some functionality on a web application for my day job. In addition to the knowledge I acquired about JavaScript, his references to various tools (such as the Web Developer toolbar and Firebug) helped me ramp up more quickly and finish my task.

I ran out of time, but there are more links to be added at a future time [from p.172].

Everyone Else!

I have a lot more work to do on this page. I have much valuable and useful information in the books of these authors, but haven't had the time to transcribe it into this format. Over time I will be adding and polishing this section, so check back from time to time. This area of the site will receive the most attention because I need to use this material to perform my day job.

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