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Putting Five Pounds Into A Three-Pound Bag with ...

Don Smallidge

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Personal Stuff


Welcome to one of my places to share (not just another blog, more soliloquy than rant); click on my name above to visit the occasional blog. Fortunately, we are back with the original company to host our sites and pages (and they seem quite happy to let my site sit here awaiting my spare moments).

Waterville covered by Early Morning Fog You can tell that summer is over when you wake up to a blanket of fog over the city. It helps to get up early (or you'll miss the clues). One nice benefit is that there is very little traffic on the roads and in the woods.

I have made a few changes to the Home Page, added Harold's Frazetta pastel and updated this Personal Page, too. I have come to the realization that what I have time to put up on this site is only a portion of the 3 pounds I do manage to get into the bag (the other 2 pounds don't even get into the bag, never mind into this site). My wife is working on stuffing 20 pounds into a 3-pound bag, but she's younger (and from where I sit, it looks like she is getting more into the bag than I can manage). Of course, I get pressed into service to do some of the stuffing, myself, so it isn't clear how much is actually getting into the bag.

Check out the Mac page for another addition to our family! Photography is king around here at the moment (taking pictures, going to shows, meeting with photography clubs, etc.). Doesn't leave much time for chess or programming!

Uncle Don

About This Site  

This site is useful primarily to me (the self-styled Top Dog at Dog-Eat-Dog Enterprises) as a web development sandbox, but I have no objection to sharing and the casual reader is welcome to partake. I was reminded recently that all the information on my site is public. I am well aware of that. I hope nobody has any strong objections to the things I write about here. In addition to being a sort of sandbox to give me a reason to read about CSS and HTML5, some of my friends actually enjoy this stuff. I'm just guessing that this is not a high traffic site. At the very least, you might find something here to amuse you.You are likely to encounter a variety of artwork, images, links and videos to all kinds of topics (I was once accused of having a "grab bag mind", to which I plead guilty; sort of like an easily distracted renaissance man, eclectic in curiosity and overwhelmed with information, torn in all different directions by my own interests, those of my family and friends, and even by my job responsibilities).

In my spare time, I am quite content to attempt to learn a few new things from Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Charles Wyke-Smith, Eric A. Meyer, Jason Cranford Teague, Christopher Schmitt, and David Sawyer McFarland. There are others, of course (I am currently enthralled by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck, for example), but this gives you an idea of how I would spend my time if there were 36 hours in a day. If you agree with me that there aren't enough hours in the day, then perhaps you will understand the glacial pace of changes to this site. In fact, I have to get back to my JUnit in Action reading, so no more today.

Not What You Expected?

Well, I'm not the only Smallidge out there, so you may have come here looking for something else. And (as I was surprised to learn), I am not even the only Dog-Eat-Dog Enterprises around. Here are some other sites you may have been looking for.

Read Any Good Books Lately?  

All Non-Fiction At the Moment (see my Professional and Credits pages for Technical Reading)

Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

The Lost Spy by Andrew Meier

The Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks

The Bible as History by Werner Keller

History of Ancient Egypt taught by Bob Brier, Ph.D.

Wisdom of History taught by J. Rufus Fears, Ph.D.

Images and Other Things Worth Sharing - Caution: some images have "adult" themes

The Era of the Clipper Ships featured at The Clipper Ship Saga of the Seven Seas

I recently took some advice from Rodney and just captured some images around the web that appeal to me, without any thought of publishing them, just for my own personal enjoyment. The Internet is a great place to indulge or expand your tastes. I gave myself a present of several hours to just find and look at images I enjoy. Thanks, Rodney!

Flying Cloud

Hard Case Crime paperback reprints

Frank Frazetta Wallpaper

Unbelievable coincidence on SmugMug

Kissed by a Moose!


Steam Engine from the Alna Train Museum

I am quite proud of this photograph, taken last year at an outing in Alna, Maine. Click on the photo so see some of my other photos. The format of the pages is a little different because I am experimenting with using iWeb to create pages quickly from iPhoto. I was able to add the generated pages to my site, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how to homogenize them with the CSS for my site yet. Someday perhaps.

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