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The Cover of Going Rogue

Book Review

Save your money.


I had an opportunity to take a more than casual look at Palin's new book. I was considerably underwhelmed; it reads more like an attempt at self-promotion than an autobiography, but it has that same sort of folksy tone that made her popular with some Republican voters during the election. The recent so-called controversy over the Newsweek cover (i.e., free publicity for her book) motivated me to add this page to my web site. The media coverage of this personality reminds me of the way it covers Paris Hilton and other celebrities. And all of it resembles the tabloids to such an extent that I conclude that mainstream media is now down at the same level as the tabloids. It is hard to find any journalism here. And listening to Limbaugh and O'Reilly interviews makes you wonder why people even bother to watch and listen at all. Was it sexism? I'll weigh in on this later. Meanwhile, I suggest you just try out the links if you want an idea of how this matter is being covered.

When I have more time, I will return to this page and provide more links (and more pictures and cartoons) below. Later, I will subdivide the list according to categories (such as Cartoons, Political Future, Sexism, Vapidity, etc.).


Most links are Newsweek and Slate articles; some relate to her future as a political candidate. Mostly liberal commentary, but also some very thoughtful items. The tampered photo mentioned in the Dartmouth article is particularly interesting; I was taken in the first time I ran across it. In my view that amounts to more like a prank (not even a dirty trick) than sexism. Palin is such a polarizing figure, that it was very easy to believe that she really had posed for the picture in question. It was even easier to believe after reading her reaction to the Newsweek cover.

Images and Cartoons

The Newsweek Cover Satire of Going Rogue Cover
Overseas reaction to McCain's choice of running mate Early reaction to her resignation as Governor of Alaska
Nick Anderson hits the nail on the head