This is my personal WordPress site; over the years I have fiddled and experimented with WordPress.com and with WordPress.org. From time to time family and friends have asked for my help to set up sites and I have created a few throwaway sites just to find out how to do it. Bottom line: I have created a big mess out there!

I had my own web site that I maintained manually while taking various courses on WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. If you bookmarked the link, it will take you here from now on. I wanted to take a look at more automated solutions for blogging [but never seemed to find enough time]; eventually I moved some of my old blog entries here.

Now I am retired and trying to clean up the mess [while helping friends and family with their social media and blogging goals]. On my new reduced income I have decided to consolidate again and this is now the new home for donsmallidge.com!

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