Where does the time go?

Another year has slipped by (almost). And it’s hard to say why I haven’t had time to look up much lately. Maybe getting married had something to do with it. The database design course was very draining. Following the presidential election was exhausting, but turned out well (in my view). Now waiting for the other shoe to drop (what with the wars and the former economy, with all the bailouts and other lootings going on, it’s hard to keep track). If I had a little more money, I would subscribe to a news magazine so I could keep my blood boiling. Sanity intervened and I “content” myself with just listening to the radio on the way to and from work.

On top of everything else, we just had one of those awful ice storms (sister Cindy is bearing the brunt of the damage to our family this year; still waiting to hear from friend Rodney on the coast). Our accountant had a stroke in August and has found us an alternative (in addition to learning how to speak again, etc.). Blanche has a new knee. Gale’s photography is still trying to get off the ground. And I have done a little Mac programming for someone in Switzerland (wasn’t that sweet: XCode and Subversion); might just wind up doing a little Objective-C after all.

I am about to make a significant shift in my focus at work. Time to get my hands dirty (and probably my mind, too) with the vendor code that is about to dominate the skyline for the next few years. All our advice to the contrary, we are now stuck with it.

Haven’t been too good about keeping in touch with my friends, but the course is finished on Tuesday, so I will become almost human again. Decision: taking the follow-on course would be too much! Happy hannukah, merry christmas, happy winter solstice, and happy new year (just in case I get sidetracked again).

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