Shutdown Days and Governors

I know I haven’t written for a while. I have been busy. Very busy. But it’s not like I haven’t been listening and watching what has been going on in the world. For example, I learned late last night that Governor Palin has decided to quit her job. And recently I heard on the radio that a Governor had a high-profile disappearing act (in Argentina). And that another Governor has some kind of issue. Great time to be a tabloid owner. Tough time to be an Alaskan, etc. Though maybe they are better off this way (as she suggested in her lawn conference). I couldn’t help agreeing with CNN’s questioner about the basketball analogy (nor could I help agreeing with just about everyone’s analysis that this looks a lot like shooting yourself in the foot). But I digress…

Through the miracle of modern financial incompetence (and the truly pathetic process of the government trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again), I have an extra day off soon (making it four in a row, not an unwelcome nor unlucky number by any means). This has given me time to learn a few more things about CSS, HTML and JavaScript (and the various libraries that are available to make web development easier, or at least more interesting). I still have no clue why I get the 500 Internal Error and why I can’t find a place to stop the processing in the debugger, but I have a whole new bag of tricks to tackle that problem when I get back to my desk. And I am hoping to figure out why the up and down widgets don’t show up in the next few hours.

Even with all that (and my little web page that I built because FaceBook just can’t handle what I was trying to do), plus shopping, cooking, sleeping, watching the New Adventures of Horatio Hornblower [Loyalty] and some Warner Brothers mountie film from the late 1930s (which suggests that probably all mounties know how to sing), plus taking time to walk and have a leisurely breakfast [boy, this sentence is getting really long], even with all that, I still have tomorrow to ride around after my pedicure, enjoying the beautiful scenery before I get an extra day off (at my expense, it is true) to do whatever I want! Within reason. So among the other benefits of this unexpected time windfall [I should probably trademark that phrase], I had time to write this blog entry. And for that I am truly grateful.

[moved from Blogger on 19 Oct 2010]

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