Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is my first post. I decided to learn more about it; several folks I know are using it and I want to find out what it can do.

Note: I started copying [on 19 Oct 2010] my posts from Blogger (the automated solution was blocked for some reason), but I found that I could access the Blogger blog, copy the contents, then paste the copy into a new post here. I didn’t have very many viewers at my former blog, so we will be the only ones who know about this! I finished up on 24 Oct 2010. Left comments behind. Left the blog up in case I decide to use it (in addition to or as an alternative to this one).

I like the flexibility of going back to modify the original postings; it’s a little bit easier than maintaining my web site remarks. For calendar-sensitive items, this is a better way to go. I prefer the flexibility of being able to control the layout for some things, though; I will need to explore using CSS, PHP and HTML here (and JavaScript?) as time progresses.

[updated on 24 Oct 2010]