Browser Rendering Issues

I had some feedback about one of my earlier posts [Sunrise at Bass Harbor] today. Apparently the theme [Oenology 0.9.1 by Chip Bennett] (or the NextGEN plugin) doesn’t work very well in the K-Meleon browser. As a newbie to WordPress blogging, I’m not really sure how best to address such feedback. For starters, I plan to view my blog with Internet Explorer [IE7] on my PC. I maintain the blog on a Mac (with Firefox) and look at it with Safari and Chrome occasionally, but I don’t often have the opportunity to review it on the Windows platform, so I’d like to thank Sichere Geldanlage 2010 for the feedback. I will pass along this feedback to Chip Bennett and the folks who do the NextGEN plugin (and probably to the K-Meleon folks as well).

As I mentioned in the original post, my choice for displaying the images is part of my learning curve. I have plans to investigate other plugins (and other approaches) to display the images. I’m looking for the optimum presentation tool for my pictures. In order to make it easier to evaluate, I will probably update the original post to point to subsequent experiments. Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback. Keep it flowing!

“Chess, Like Women, Has the Power to Make Men Happy”

I added a chess widget and a chess plugin today. The widget allows us to work on chess puzzles every day (with three levels of difficulty). The plugin will allow me to put up pgn files of my games (and other interesting games). I will probably put the chess games on a separate page and only blog about plugins and chess topics that might interest the casual reader. On my own web page, I have a chess page, but I’m thinking it might be easier to shift it here. We’ll see.

[modified on 25 Oct 2010 to give Tarrasch credit for the quote used as title of this post]


I have the good fortune to know several people who like to pun. After years of groaning at Jerry’s puns and being subjected to them by my own wife occasionally, I now have a new source (we’ll just call him Tom). He sent this one to me on Friday:

The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

There are more and I will need to figure out how to eke them out sparingly, but this will be a good way for me to learn how to use tags in WordPress.

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

After a fabulous week of sun and vibrant colors, we were visited with a little rain and wind on Friday morning. The rain lasted only for a few hours, but it was windy most of the day. We took in some of the lawn furniture so it wouldn’t blow away. Gale took advantage of the situation to get some very interesting shots of white caps, rollers and seagulls struggling to stay aloft.

Rainy Morning in Bernard, Maine
Rainy Morning

Up With the Birds

Just Before Sunrise at Seawall
Up With the Birds

For our Thursday we decided to try to get sunrise over the water. I didn’t want to stumble through the woods in the dark, so we agreed on Seawall. We were the first to arrive (in the dark) and picked our spot very carefully. Gale used her tripod and got some marvelous shots. This is one of my better shots, just before the sun came up; I managed to find a bird on his way to breakfast. There were several other decent pictures (of low clouds against the horizon and of early boats against the horizon), but I will save those for my gallery (which is part of the learning curve I hope to climb before we leave).

Just Another Day in Paradise

Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain
Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain

After our wonderful carriage ride, we decided to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain. We had a perfect day for it and took quite a lot of pictures. I managed to get several pictures of a very large boat (or ferry) entering or leaving Bar Harbor. At one scenic turnout on the road to the top of the mountain, I greeted a cab driver who pulled in and he replied, very dryly, “Just another day in paradise.” Well, for him it may have been perfectly normal, but to us it was a real treat. And the clear sunny weather was an extra bonus.

Sunrise at Bass Harbor

After a whirlwind visit with Jerry and Bonnie, and before we visited with Rodney and Jill at their home in Manset, I had a few moments to savor the early morning light and decided to capture it (with my trusty SONY camera); I’m only an amateur, so some of the shots are not in focus and I don’t really know how to take advantage of all the bells and whistles, so these shots will never win any prizes. Hopefully, in spite of all those caveats, you will get some sense of how beautiful this little corner of the world can be early in the morning in October.

Update [1 Mar 2015]. The following part of the post applied to the original plugin (which does not work on this site); I am currently working on a companion site and will make this gallery available at some time in the future.

The pictures are displayed here with the NextGEN plugin. Toggle the link below to cycle between watching the slide show or viewing the pictures individually by clicking through them on your own schedule.

[nggallery id=1]

This is my first attempt to show pictures in a gallery with WordPress. The pictures were exported from iPhoto (giving me JPEG images less than 100KB each). I will need to continue working on my NextGEN plugin learning curve; there are ways to associate names and descriptions for the individual images, etc.

[published on 24 Oct 2010 and backdated to match the events and images]