We’re not in Kansas, any more, Toto!

As a life-long Democrat, you can imagine how I feel this morning. Or even yesterday morning. Today is a new day, of course, and we will all have to learn the new political calculus. As a public servant, I will continue to look for ways to provide value for taxpayer dollars. I am hoping that with the campaign behind us, we can roll up our sleeves to work for the people instead of for the egos of politicians. That remains to be seen, but so far the public utterings are encouraging locally (if not nationally). Here in the beautiful State of Maine we have a big challenge in front of us; I hope we can meet the challenge sensibly.

And I hope the president will use this opportunity to find a way to bring effective relief to our national job deficit problem; perhaps he can devise a way to stop helping out the wealthy (who surely don’t need any more help at this point). I think this election, at least in part, reflects anger about helping out banks while people lose their homes and their jobs. I’m not sure what the world would have looked like with a banking system in shambles, but if we don’t figure out how to solve the housing and unemployment problems, fixing health insurance (and keeping the banking system afloat) will turn out to have been just another band-aid.

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