Gale and I decided to have lunch on Saturday at the Senator Inn in Augusta (at Cloud 9). We had heard that they were hanging pictures from members of the Capitol Area Camera Club, so we asked the waitress if we could speak with the person responsible for managing the pictures. As luck would have it, there had been a recent change in management (Roger Bintliff has recently become General Manager) and we were introduced to Aaron Lachance, who offered us the opportunity to hang three of Gale’s photos at the front desk!

Gale's Three Pictures at Front Desk at Senator Inn, Augusta, ME

Gale Davison's Pictures at front desk at the Senator Inn, Augusta

I returned on Sunday with business cards for the pictures and took this picture (with Jason Wentworth posing at the front desk in front of Gale’s photographs) to share with you. Incidentally, the meal at Cloud 9 was fabulous (and their reputation for great service is well deserved).