The Day of the Big Storm

I haven’t enjoyed reading a novel this much for a long time! Gale finished reading The Unincorporated Man last week and passed it along to me. I took advantage of the shutdown day, holiday, weekend and storm day to make some progress in the story. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the impact of corporations on modern life.

illustration for the Unincorporated Man
The Unincorporated Man - art by Dave Seeley

Here is an excerpt from the book cover:

The incredible has happened. A billionaire businessman from our time, frozen in secret in the early twenty-first century, is discovered in the far future and resurrected, given health and a vigorous younger body. He awakens into a civilization in which every individual is formed into a legal corporation at birth, and spends many years trying to attain control over their own life by getting a majority of his or her own shares. Life extension has made life very long indeed.

The Unincorporated Man is a provocative social, political, and economic novel that people will be arguing about for decades.

And if you feel like arguing about it, comment on this post or go to their web site and blog and have your say!

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