Spring Water

Small Falls
A Glimpse of Paradise

We needed a break and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go for a Sunday drive in the country; we were fortunate to see a young moose near the road and stopped to photograph some exciting water rushing in the rivers in Phillips and near Rangeley. This photograph is my favorite for today, a picture of the final step of Smalls Falls before it dumped into the river.

To see a larger version of this picture and other pictures from our trip, please go to
my online gallery and choose Sunday Drive Spring 2011. The controls for the gallery are not always obvious. If you look at the bottom of the window you will see options for viewing style (Grid is the default, Mosaic is my favorite, Carousel is like the Apple Macintosh file viewer style and Slideshow is just what you think it is). To end the Slideshow, click the arrows that point at each other. Enjoy!

Update [1 Mar 2015]. Time marches on. Apple changed the rules some time ago and the photo gallery is no longer available. If I can ever find the time, I may provide a self-hosted alternative. Sorry about that!

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