Dabbling with WordPress Again

I suppose you’re wondering where I have been all this time? Maybe not. I have been working on honing my HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS skills elsewhere (on my own site, on learning curve sites for various courses and at work, of course).


Winter hit us pretty hard this year, so I am just beginning to recover from all the snow and it may be a while before I have time for myself and my activities. I am still working on cleaning up the Mac Mini to donate to a local person; that exercise has been very slow in the making. And let us not forget that it is time to file the tax return. First a few notes to catch up.

Here is a book I have been reading to help out a local non-profit (and to help my wife learn how to blog). The author is very good and I am really enjoying some advice that I hadn’t bumped into before [not that I have had time to incorporate it yet].

WordPress Absolute Beginner's Guide_wpI am currently taking a Complete Web Developer course from Udemy. Most of my energy and attention has gone into learning general web development skills (including jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL), but one of the chapters in the course focused on WordPress and it just happened to coincide with an offer to update an existing site.

In the course of my research, I reviewed the links to this site and either fixed them up or added comments to earlier posts to explain why they were broken.

I also ran across several very interesting themes that I may use in future. Notably the X-theme and Willow themes. I don’t have any real need for them at the moment (and I want to revise my own site with the new skills I am acquiring from the Udemy course first), but they seem to offer a much faster path to publishing content than my manual efforts. I very briefly began to look into Drupal for another possible avenue to explore in retirement, but so far I have done very little to follow that thread. I do prefer the control of writing my own code (and I prefer Java to JavaScript and PHP), but it definitely takes longer.

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