I have decided to collect my notes about WordPress in one place (with sub-pages for the different sources). Among the many things I have been learning is the difference between the .com and .org versions of WordPress. I am blogging (here and elsewhere), developing web sites using WordPress, and sharing authorship (and sponsoring new sites). It is all fairly easy (once you know how to do it), but there are many subtleties and (so far) many unexplored adventures hidden underneath the covers. To move beyond just using WordPress to developing themes and web sites takes more knowledge and effort, of course, and I have begun to explore educational opportunities (including a hands-on training session with Maine Web Hosting). My PHP is very rusty (4 or 5 years old), so I will need to brush up on that a bit.

One of my motivations is to really understand the CSS behind the themes (and perhaps write one of my own); I have enjoyed interacting with the author of Oenology Theme and hope to be able to understand the architecture behind WordPress eventually. This is merely an interest and avocation at the moment, but it will be interesting to see if I can grow it into something more useful as my experience deepens! This will probably take much more time than I have available at this point, but retirement would solve that problem.

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